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Bay City Memorial Run Events 2021

Saturday, May 22, 2021
09:00 AM
Veterans Memorial Park
John F. Kennedy Drive
Bay City, MI 48706

Details: Who we are running for - Blue Star Service Dogs ( and Bay Veterans Foundation ( When and where - 22May2021, 09.00 for the 5k, 09.45 for the longer-k, Veterans Memorial Park (John F Kennedy Drive, Bay City, MI) Cost - $10 for the run events (do one or both; we're casual) without the shirt; $25 for the run events with the shirt What you get - dog tag that will be personalized if the registration tops out, the option to add a wicked cool shirt, some exercise, and, most importantly, the satisfaction of supporting two groups designed to help veterans. Capacity - 200, with a rolling start. Because we're not sure what the social status will be with the pandemic in regards to restrictions, we're going conservative for this inaugural run. The park is also not really designed to hold a horde of people, but this will give us an indication of what we can do the following years, including expanding the venue if the response is overwhelming. Open to runners, walkers, and ruckers. The quick details - This race is not really designed for individual achievement; more the events are about teamwork and honouring the dead servicepeople who gave, willingly and unwillingly, to our country. However, we are not looking to squash competition entirely. The 5k is a straight-forward, follow-the-markers kind of course with only one exception: whoever is in the lead of the pack carries the American flag. If there is a lead change, then the new leader carries the flag. To put this another way, the flag crosses the finish line first. There will be one for the male participants and one for the female participants. The standard bearer need not be the fastest and can be anyone - barely out of the cradle, one step from death's door, handicapped, civilian, vet, jock, couch potato...anyone. The longer-k is not so straight-forward. First, the distance will be whatever we feel like making that day, but it'll be longer than a 5k and probably shorter than a 10k, maybe. This is the distance to give a little of yourself, especially to remember those vets who have committed suicide. Roughly every 1-5k - 2k, at an appropriate stopping point, you will be asked to do some sort of exercise: 22 pushups, 22 jumping jacks, run some tires like you see in football training camp videos, carry heavy stuff awkwardly, etc. As with the 5k, the leader is the standard bearer, even if there is a lead change, so the flag crosses the finish line first. This will be a little trickier since exercises are involved and teamwork can be especially helpful; DO NOT LET THE FLAG TOUCH THE GROUND. Hand it off to someone, roll up the flag on the staff and rest it across your shoulders (for pushups), do whatever you need to do to keep the flag off the ground. If someone needs help with the exercises, don't hesitate to assist. As is a common mantra, we will leave no one behind; there is no cutoff and we will remain until the last person crosses the finish. The standard bearers (M/F for both distances) will be immortalized in a manner similar to Lord Stanley's Cup by having their name and date tacked on to the staff. The fastest people will get their due as well


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