Find all of the latest Race Results below. Race Results are available as a link and/or a viewable/downloadable PDF file.

DateRace NameLocationResults
03/02/2019Reese Point StandingsReese, MIReesePointStandings-March2019.pdf
02/09/2019Reese Point StandingsReese, MIReeseRace-PointStandings-Feb2019.pdf
01/05/2019Reese Point StandingsReese, MIReese Point Standings_01-05-19.pdf
12/15/2018Reese Point StandingsReese, MIReese Point Standings_12-15-18.pdf
10/03/2018Old School 80's 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIrpt_race_award.pdf
09/03/2018BARC Labor Day Races & PicnicMidland, MILaborResults2018.pdf
09/01/2018Elkton Autumnfest Elkton, MIrpt_race_award.pdf
08/18/2018Linwood Pickle FestLinwood, MILinwood 2018.pdf
08/04/2018Laker Pride GlideBay Port, MIPride Glide 2018.pdf
06/30/2018Firecracker 5K Run/WalkBeaverton, MIBeaverton 2018.pdf
06/16/2018Essexville Sesquicentennial 5K Run/Essexville, MI.rpt_race_award.pdf
03/03/2018Reese Winter SeriesReese, MIReesePointStandings03-03-18.pdf
02/17/2018Mardi Gras 2018Bay City, MIMardiGrasResults2018.pdf
02/03/2018Reese Winter SeriesReese, MIReesePointStandings02-03-18.pdf
01/20/2018Freeze Your Fanny 2018Bay City, MIFreeze your fanny 18.pdf
01/01/2018Reese Winter SeriesReese, MIReese Races Results 01-06-18.pdf
12/16/2017BARC Christmas 5KBay City, MIChristmas5KResults2017.pdf
12/02/2017Reese Winter SeriesReese, MIReeseResultsDecember2017.pdf
11/11/2017Don Dansereau Memorial 5KBay City, MIDansereauResults2017.pdf
09/04/2017BARC Labor Day RacesMidland, MILaborDayResults2017.pdf
09/02/2017Elkton AutumnFest 5K Run/WalkElkton, MIElkton 2017 Results.pdf
08/24/2017Kingston Days 5KKingston, MIKingston Days Results 2017.pdf
08/19/2017Linwood Pickle Festival 5KLinwood, MILinwood Pickle Festival Results 2017.pdf
08/05/2017Pride Glide 5KBay Port, MIPride Glide 2017 Results.pdf
07/06/2017Corn Stalk 5K Auburn, MICornStalkResults2017.pdf
05/20/2017Running with the Cats 5KBay City, MIRunning with the Cats Results 2017.pdf
05/13/2017Run for EducationBirch Run, MIRun for Ed 17.pdf
05/06/2017McLaren 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIMcLaren 17 results.pdf
03/19/2017BARC St. Patrick's Day Races Irish Double ResultsBay City, MImedia.tritofinish.com/pdf/STPATS/2017IRISHDOUBLERESULTS.pdf
03/19/2017BARC St. Patrick's Day Races Bay City, MIresults.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-27514
03/04/2017Reese Winter RaceReese, MIReeseResultsMarch2017.pdf
03/04/2017Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReesePointStandings03-04-2017.pdf
02/18/2017BARC Mardi Gras 5KBay City, MIMardiGrasResults2017.pdf
02/04/2017Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReesePointStandings02-04-17.pdf
02/04/2017Reese Winter RaceReese, MIReeseResultsFeb2017.pdf
01/21/2017BARC Freeze Your FannyBay City, MIFreezeYourFannyResults2017.pdf
01/07/2017Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReese Point Standings 01-07-17.pdf
12/17/2016BARC Christmas 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIBARCChristmasResults2016.pdf
12/03/2016Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIRun Reese 2016-2017.pdf
09/05/2016BARC Labor Day RacesMidland, MILaborResults2016.pdf
08/25/2016Kingston Days 5K Run/WalkKingston, MIKingston 2016.pdf
08/20/2016Pickle 5K Run/WalkLinwood, MIPickle Run 2016.pdf
08/06/2016Laker Pride Glide 5K Run/WalkBay Port, MIPride Glide 2016.pdf
07/30/2016Run Like Hale 10K Run/WalkHale, MIHale 2016.pdf
06/03/2016Walk on Water 5KBay City, MI2016 Walk on Water Results.pdf
04/30/2016Running with the Cats 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIRunning with the Cats 2016.pdf
04/16/2016ABBRx Natural Natural and Fit Run 5K/10K Run/WalkBullock Creek, MIABBRx 2016.pdf
03/20/2016BARC St. Patrick's Day RacesBay City, MIresults.xacte.com/?mid=529
03/05/2016Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReesePointStandings03-05-2016.pdf
03/05/2016Reese Winter Race Series 5K/10KReese, MIReeseResultsMarch2016.pdf
02/20/2016BARC Mardi Gras 5KBay City, MIMardiResults2016.pdf
02/06/2016Reese Winter Race Series 5K/10KReese, MIReeseFebResults2016.pdf
02/06/2016Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReesePointStandings02-06-2016.pdf
01/16/2016BARC Freeze Your Fanny 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIFreezeYourFannyResults2016.pdf
01/02/2016Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReesePointStandings01-02-2016.pdf
01/02/2016Reese Winter Race Series 5K/10KReese, MIhttp://www.race-mrm.com/uploads/ReeseResultsJan2016.pdf
12/19/2015BARC Christmas 5K Run/WalkBay City, MICHRISTMASRESULTS2015.pdf
12/05/2015Reese Winter Race Series Point StandingsReese, MIReeseRacePointStandings_2015-2016.pdf
12/05/2015Reese Winter Race Series 5K/10KReese, MIReeseResults_12-05-2015.pdf
09/07/2015BARC Labor Day RacesChippewa Nature Center, Midland, MIwww.itsyourrace.com/Results.aspx?id=6247
08/08/2015Mid-Michigan Arbor 5K Run/Walk for VeteransBay City, MIMid-Michigan Arbor 2015 Results.pdf
08/02/2015Nathan Weidner Chicken Run 5KBay City, MIWiedner 2015 Results.pdf
08/01/2015Laker Pride Glide 5KBay Port, MILaker Pride Glide 2015 Results.pdf
07/09/2015Auburn Cornstalk 5K Run/WalkAuburn, MIwww.race-mrm.com/files/CornStalkResults2015Rev2.pdf
07/04/2015Beaverton Firecracker 5KBeaverton, MIBeaverton 2015 Results.pdf
06/05/2015Walk on Water 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIWalk on Water Results 2015.pdf
03/15/2015BARC St. Patrick's Day RacesBay City, MIresults.xacte.com/?mid=529
02/21/2015BARC Mardi Gras 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIMardiGrasResults2015.pdf
01/17/2015Freeze Your Fanny 5KBay City, MIFreezeYourFannyResults2015.pdf
01/03/2015Reese Winter Race SeriesReese, MIReeseResultsJan2015.pdf
12/20/2014BARC Christmas 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIBARCChristmasResults2014.pdf
12/06/2014Reese Winter Race SeriesReese, MIReeseResultsDec2014.pdf
11/01/2014St. Peter Turkey Trot - 5K/10 RunHemlock, MISt Peters 2014.pdf
09/01/2014BARC Labor Day RunChippewa Nature Center, Midland, MILaborDayResults2014.pdf
08/21/2014Kingston Days 5K Run/WalkKingston, MIKingston Results 2014.pdf
08/03/2014Nathan Weidner Chicken Run 5K Run/WalkBay City, MINathan weidner 2014 RESULTS.pdf
08/02/2014Pride Glide Memorial Run 5K Run/WalkBay Port, MIPride Glide 2014 RESULTS.pdf
07/10/2014Auburn Corn Stalk 5KAuburn, MICornStalkResults2014.pdf
06/27/201438th Beaverton Road RaceBeaverton, MIBeaverton 2014 Results.pdf
06/06/2014Holy Trinity Walk on Water 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIWalk on Water - Results 2014.pdf
04/27/2014Freeland Walleye Festival 5KFreeland, MIWalleyeResults2014.pdf
03/16/2014BARC St. Patrick's Day RacesBay City, MIresults.active.com/events/barc-st-patrick-s-day-races
03/01/2014Reese Winter Series 5K/10KReese, MIReeseResultsMarch2014.pdf
02/15/2014BARC Spirit of Winter 5K Run/WalkBay City, MISpiritofWinterResults2014.pdf
02/01/2014Reese Winter Series 5K/10KReese, MIReeseFebResults2014.pdf
01/18/2014BARC Freeze Your Fanny 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIFreezeYourFannyResults2014.pdf
01/04/2014Reese Winter Series 5K/10KReese, MI01-04-14_ReeseJanResults2014Rev1.pdf
12/21/2013BARC Christmas 5K Run/WalkBay City, MI12-21-13_BARCChristmasResults2013.pdf
12/07/2013Reese Winter Series 5K/10KReese, MI12-07-13_ReeseResultsDec2013Rev2.pdf
11/09/2013Don Dansereau Fall 5K Run/WalkBay City, MIDansereauResults2013.pdf
11/02/2013St. Peter Lutheran Turkey Trot 5K Run/WalkHemlock, MI11-02-13_St. Peters 2013.pdf
09/21/2013Al Kayner Invite Cross Country 2 Mile Open Race09-21-13_Al_Kayner_Open Race Results.pdf
09/02/2013BARC Labor Day 5K/10K Run & WalkMidland, MI09-02-13_BarcLaborDay.pdf
08/31/2013Elkton Autumn FestElkton, MI08-31-13_ElktonAutumnFest.pdf

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