BARC - Bay Area Runners Club
The Great Scavenger Hunt of 2021
Bay City Edition
Winter has descended and the desire to hibernate can be overpowering. As a means to keep you moving, get some fresh air, respect the pandemic, and perhaps see the overly-familiar sights of Bay City through a fresh perspective, your BARC board challenges you to participate in The Great Scavenger Hunt of 2021, Bay City edition.
What do I need to do? Dress up appropriately for the weather (or dress up in your favourite costume, if so moved) and get out to the greater Bay City area to find the items that your game-masters have listed below and submit photo evidence. Items must be found somewhere outdoors; no nosing through your cupboards or finding items in a superstore. So easy, even a caveman can do it.
What is the greater Bay City area? Or, put another way, what are the boundaries? Your game-masters have a rough square to keep you mostly corralled: Euclid on the west, Salzburg on the south, Trumbull on the east, and Woodside on the north. There may be a few items that will take you a block or two outside of the square and that is perfectly acceptable. For the most part, though, attempt to stay within the boundaries as much as possible; wandering all over this great green earth will tend to diminish the fun.
What are the rules?
  1. 1-4 person teams can be formed. For teams with 1-3 people in them, all teammates must be members of BARC. The 4-person team can have 1 non-BARC teammate.
  2. The team must stay together on the hunt. There is no divide-and-conquer.
  3. Photo evidence must be produced when an item is found. In the photo, the preference is to have all team members in the frame with the item, however, that may prove too difficult at the time, so an allowance for one team member to be behind the camera is acceptable.
  4. In an attempt to equalize the teams, a handicap system will be put in place: 5% will be added to the time and distance for 4-member teams, 3% for 3-members teams, and 1% for 2-member teams. This will only be relevant for tie-breakers (see number 7 below).
  5. This does not need to be done all at the once. Time frame is from 16 January to 16 February, and the weather during that time can be hostile and the BARC board is not interested in people killing themselves. Feel free to break this up into several outings; you only need to keep track of the team's time and distance, along with the items found, so that you can tally up all of it at the end.
  6. Skylarking is not only condoned, but encouraged. This becomes especially important when taking your group photos, so submit your best ones for a chance at a special prize.
  7. Winner determined first by the total point value of items found. If a tie, then how fast the items were found. If still a tie, then the shortest distance covered in finding the items. If still a tie, we'll break out the D&D dice and throw.
  8. People and teams can join in at any time up to 9 Feb, though we recommend starting as soon as possible for the largest window of opportunity.
  9. Feel free to post evidence of your adventures on the BARC Facebook page. Post final results (total time, distance, and items found) on our special Results Page so we can tally up the scores and determine the winning teams.
  10. This is open to walkers, runners, and ruckers alike.
What do I get out of this tomfoolery?
  1. Satisfaction. Bragging rights. The justification to be a total snot to your competitors.
  2. Gift cards to the local establishments for the top teams.
  3. Endless amusements.
  4. A token to show our appreciation for all those who participate. Won't be a shirt or a medal, though; you have enough of those.
Scoring Points
1 point
  • traffic cone
  • park bench with a memorial plaque
  • primary or secondary school logo
  • shopping cart
  • baby carriage
  • bouquet of flowers
  • snow sled
  • marquee
  • drive-thru speaker
  • home plate
  • newspaper kiosk
  • fountain
  • emergency response vehicle
  • ship
  • school bus
  • book repository
  • wooden bridge
  • museum
  • doughboy
  • snowman
  • dog walker
  • santa claus
  • ronald mcdonald
  • stone block with a date
  • note
  • business sign with the letter "Z"
  • "open 24 hours" sign
  • seal of bay city
  • 50-yard line
  • aircraft
2 points
  • red door (full colour, not just the trim)
  • drive-in speaker
  • umbrella
  • discarded clothing
  • bowling ball
  • bike helmet
  • record
  • fishing shanty
  • yellow truck
  • VW beetle
  • out-of-state license plate
  • rucker
  • lion
  • tiger
  • horse
  • whale
  • freemason cornerstone
  • an orange sign
3 points
  • shoes hanging on power lines
  • public pay phone
  • couch
  • 8-track tape
  • lighthouse
  • hearse
  • street sign with the letter "Q"

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